Project management

At the core of the COURNECT approach, the following stages merge:

  • Systematic analysis identifying the cause-and-effect relationships for lagging or unrealized business development results, using the “5 whys” iterative interrogative technique.
  • Through the use of Tendency and Preference Quadrants COURNECT identifies the strengths and competencies of personnel involved in the business development process as well as their readiness to engage. This includes on- the-job coaching to grow your people and their capabilities.
  • Existing and potential customer base analysis exposing the “path of the least resistance” to results and value, supported by both desk- and field-research.
  • Draft full financial Business Development plans with translations in to SMART actions and objectives.

Additionally, COURNECT offer temporary operational in-the-field Business Development efforts and will liaise with all parties involved in realizing the objectives.

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